Suite 6 in Bison Ranch

Overgaard, Arizona

White Mountain

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Dominion Group Properties is proud to announce the addition of Robin Crawford, a local Heber-Overgaard Realtor, to our Team at our Bison Ranch office.  Robin has been a full-time resident of our community since 1997, bringing a wealth of knowledge about our area to her real estate business.  Robin says about Heber-Overgaard, “I can’t imagine living anywhere else”.

Robin’s passion is trail riding in the forest with her two horses.  Robin says she’s “just enjoying what nature has to offer and we have it all in our own backyard”.  Well said . . . we do have a lot to offer in Heber-Overgaard!

For home buyer or home seller assistance throughout the White Mountain area, please contact Robin at our Bison Ranch office in Overgaard.  Robin can be reached at 928.587.6228 or via e-mail at robinadvent14@gmail.com.  Welcome to our team Robin!

Nora (Robin) Crawford